Grace Abounds

We offer our lives to God not all at once, but continually through their course, as we render to Christ each day, each hour, and the gestures and words that comprise them, one at a time.  Through that labor, we may be bound together in Christ like so many pages in the Book of Life, and we may come to view our acts with less emphasis on how they are situated in relation to our own lives and more and more so in relation to the life which Christ has lived for us.  For at its heart, the story of every Christian is an unfolding, a flourishing, not merely of one’s own life, but of the life of Christ and of the many lives enfolded in his breast.  No events figure so prominently in the Christian’s life story as those of the Paschal Mystery, for through his life, death and resurrection, we have eternal life.  In this mystery, we read the word, which as the Word of God, commands our reverence, and therein, with a graced audacity, we read the pattern of our lives.

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